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At easyDNA India we offer a range of Legal DNA Tests for those requiring their test results to be recognised in a court of law. A legal DNA paternity test can be used to settle any number of family related legal matters, including, child custody cases, child support cases, inheritance disputes and immigration applications (visit our DNA Immigration Testing page for more information about this particular service).

A copy of the test results will initially be sent to you by email within 5-7 working days and a hard copy (original) of all the documentation will follow around 10 days later. This will be signed and documented by a notary.

For a DNA test to be fully court admissible in India, the testing must follow a strict chain of custody procedure. Use our step-by-step instructions on how to conduct and present your legal DNA test results.

How are samples collected?

A legal test must follow a strict chain of custody procedure. Samples are collected by an independent third party such as a doctor. This person is known as a sampler. Samplers and are responsible for verifying the identity of the parties being tested and ensuring optimal DNA sample collection. The client is responsible for making an appointment with a registered sampler and paying any related fees. The price for the Legal Paternity Test is INR18,500.

When ordering with EasyDNA you can benefit from a home appointment with one of our approved samplers. This service is not included in the test price and prices may vary according to your location. For a visual guide on how your samples will be collected visit our sample collection guide page.

What paper work will I need?

1. Every test participant must have 2 passport sized photos. The photos must be clear, in colour and show the entire face, unobstructed by any hair, hats or anything else that can make identification difficult. The sampler will need to endorse these photos.

2. Each person must provide a form of identification that is recognised under the laws of India; such forms of identification include birth certificates, passports, Army identification card and so forth.

3. EasyDNA provides a sampling kit which we will deliver directly to your sampler. This legal kit will contain all the necessary including the consent forms.

At EasyDNA we offer legal DNA testing on all our DNA paternity and relationship tests.