Semen Detection Testing

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Think your partner might be cheating? Have you found a stain which you suspect might be semen? Use our semen detection test.

Infidelity DNA Testing

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EasyDNA India has introduced infidelity DNA testing services, enabling you to either confirm your suspicions of infidelity or to quash them in a way that is scientific and accurate. At EasyDNA we are offering infidelity DNA testing at very competitive prices.

Disaster Victim Identification

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Genetic profiling is a primary tool for identification of disaster victims. EasyDNA offers the DVIstat™ tissue extraction device which can aid in the identification of disaster victims.

DNA Profiles

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A DNA profile is your personal and unique form of genetic identification. Whilst many of your identification documents such as your passport could be forged, your DNA profile is unique and no other person can have your same profile (unless they are your identical twin). The test we offer is a 21 genetic marker profile that can be used for legal or peace of mind purposes.